About Avery Tree Service

Kelly Avery, Owner and Operator

I have been helping communities and customers maintain healthy trees and recover from storm damage since Hurricane Bob in 1991.  In 2008, together, my wife and I formed Avery Tree Service after an amicable business split with my brother, Christian, who continues to operate Avery Tree Experts in this area.  Since then, we have pursued the quality service that we knew we wanted to deliver.  Our focus on service is what makes my team unique and I make sure you can see the professional difference when we are on the job.  Over the last several years, we have invested in the right equipment and experienced team to tackle the jobs other tree services won’t or can’t. We get in, get the job done well, and leave your property looking its best. That’s my bottom line.

My family and I are proud to be part of this community and we are privileged to serve the Monmouth and Middlesex County areas.

Erica Avery, Owner, Administration and Marketing

Running a great business like Avery Tree Service as husband and wife partners is what Kelly and I are all about. We play to our strengths to get it all done and we’re proud of what we have built together. To complement the hands-on tree service Kelly and the team provide in our community, I handle the administrative end of the Avery Tree Service. I work every day to keep the business humming and create happy customers out of folks who are in a tough spot with a tree problem or need to schedule regular maintenance. I trust Kelly, John, Jeff and the whole team to deliver fast, thorough, professional tree service every day. They’ve worked hard to earn a great reputation in the Monmouth and Middlesex areas. Our return customers will tell you that when you contact us, you are not only getting an estimate that’s fair, you are getting an experienced tree team that’s been doing great work together since 2008.

It takes 24/7 dedication to one another as business partners as well as spouses to keep our family happy and customers satisfied.